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Thematic coins

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Thematic coins

In 2002, Danmarks Nationalbank began to issue thematic coins. The first series comprised 20-krone coins with towers as their common motif. Subsequently, thematic 10-krone coins have also been issued.

The thematic coins are issued as ordinary 10-krone and 20-krone coins in circulation and are distributed to banks instead of the ordinary coins during a short period of time or by special order. Each thematic coin is minted in a limited edition of 800,000 - 1.2 million.

The introduction of thematic coins in Denmark reflected, inter alia, a wish to stimulate interest in coins among the general public and among artists. Danmarks Nationalbank wanted to increase awareness of the coins we use and to introduce new artists to the process of designing coins so that Denmark would have more artists that master this special art.

This purpose has been achieved and many Danish sculptors have now proved their skills in designing attractive coin motifs in spite of the space restrictions.

20-krone coins with towers and ships
The 10th and final 20-krone coin in the tower series – with the Copenhagen City Hall Tower as its motif – was issued in June 2007. The new theme on 20-krone coins is ships and the first coin in this series was issued in April 2007.

10-krone coins with fairy tales and polar motifs
10-krone coins were included in the thematic coin programme in 2005. The first series, comprising 5 coins, was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The issue of the Nightingale coin in October 2007 marked the completion of the series.

The Fairy tale coins have been replaced by a polar series to mark the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-09. The first polar coin was issued in March 2007, the second coin was issued in February 2008 and the third was issued in February 2009.

Besides being issued as ordinary 10-krone coins, the fairy tale and polar coins are also minted in special collector's versions in gold and silver. The collector's coins are sold at a premium in relation to their denominations.

The fairy tale coin The Shadow

Last update: 12/23/2013

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