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Northern Lights

The third and final coin in the series to commemorate the International Polar Year was issued on 23 February 2009.

Like the previous polar coins, the theme is conditions in Greenland, this time scientific research. The coin is designed by the sculptor, professor Morten Stræde. Read more about Morten Strædes work with the coin.

The polar coin was minted in three different versions: a gold coin in Greenlandic gold, a silver coin and an ordinary 10-krone coin.

Run the mouse over the image and check the coin details. To turn the coin kept the left mouse button down while you drag the mouse over the image.

1000-krone gold coin 100-krone silver coin 10-krone circulation coin

1000-krone gold coin
The gold coin is minted in 900 ‰ gold (Au) with diameter 22.0 mm, weight 8.65 gram, and has a face value of 1000 kroner. The gold coin was sold with a numbered certificate to a recommended retail price of DKK 2,500.

Gold coin - Sold out

100-krone silver coin
The silver coin is minted in 999 ‰ fine silver (Ag) with diameter 38,0 mm, weight 31,1 gram, and has a face value of 100 kroner. The silver coin was sold to a recommended retail price of DKK 300.

Silver coin - Sold out

Ordinary 10-krone coin
Sold out.

Last update: 03/17/2014

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