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Statistics – Electronic reporting (STINA)

STINA is an electronic system for reporting to Danmarks Nationalbank.

The following measures have been taken to enhance user-friendliness:

1) Establishment of a new reporting form (STINA browser solution):
This will allow entry-based reporting directly from Danmarks Nationalbank's website. The reporting method will greatly resemble the spreadsheet-based reporting.

2) Improved spreadsheet:

  • Built-in automated creation of XML file and submission of this file, as well as reception of error report.
  • Immediate and current description of status for STINA's processing of the report submitted, incl. reporting of any errors.
  • Explicit indication of any errors in a report.
  • A considerably smaller spreadsheet with much faster functionality.
  • Text comments concerning valid field content added.
  • Enhanced spreadsheet functionality to
    • enable downloading of information from XML or comma-separated data files.
    • limit the need for manual data entry when reusing information previously submitted.
3) Faster controls for data quality, etc.:
    • Immediate feedback indicating any errors after the submission of a report.
4) Improved option for fully-automated reporting:
    • Communication based on web service (platform-independent standard) facilitating the development of a fully-automated reporting process.
Further information on the STINA reporting system can be found on the page STINA.

Last update: 02/03/2014

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