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Statistics - Reporting regulations

Danmarks Nationalbank has drawn up reporting regulations for all statistics in order to ensure uniform reporting and thereby statistics of the highest possible quality.

The regulations determine and describe conditions and requirements in relation to Danmarks Nationalbank's compilation of statistical information. A regulation will usually include:

  • Authority to compile the statistics
  • Definition of respondents (entities with reporting obligations)
  • Frequency of and deadlines for submitting information
  • Description of the content and structure of reports, including:
    • Specification of the information to be reported
    • Principles for compilation and valuation
    • Level of statistical detail (breakdown by instrument, sector, term to maturity, currency, etc.)
    • Description of reporting forms
  • Provisions relating to corrective reporting in case of errors or omissions
  • Code lists (e.g. sector classifications, country and currency codes)
  • Supplementary definitions and interpretations.

The reporting regulations are revised as required. Respondents and relevant professional organisations are normally involved in this work to ensure a common understanding of the data to be reported.

Danmarks Nationalbank aims to compile the information required from respondents into a small number of integrated reports. It is also important to ensure that the data received can be applied in various contexts on the basis of the same definitions.

Last update: 02/03/2014

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