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2011 Coin Set for Children

Coin Set for Children 2011 – Issued 11 January 2011.

The Coin Set for Children is an ideal gift to celebrate the birth of a baby or a christening in 2011.

The Coin Set will have a brand new design with sweet drawings of a family of trolls minting coins. It comes with a leaflet for entering details such as the child's name, date of birth, christening date, etc.
The new 2011 Coin Set for Children
The Coin Set for Children comprises all Danish coins minted in 2011, i.e. 50-øre and 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-kroner, as well as a cute medal with a troll motif.

Coin sets and medals are illustrated by Maja-Louise Ellehammer, media graphic designer and self taught artist.

The 10- and 20-krone coins have been updated with a new portrait of the Queen. The portrait, designed by the sculptress Lis Nogel, was also used on the commemorative coins to mark the Queen's 70th birthday.

The reverse of the coins shows the coat of arms in a new design by Royal Heraldic Painter Ronny Andersen.

Run the mouse over the image and check the medal details. To turn the medal kept the left mouse button down while you drag the mouse over the image.

2011 Coin Set for Children - Sold out.

Last update: 01/14/2014

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