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40th jubilee of Queen Margrethe II

Commemorative coin to mark the 40th jubilee of HM The Queen on 14 January 2012

Dato: 15-12-2011

Coin Set for 2011

Purchase the new Coin Set from 31 October 2011.

Dato: 27-10-2011

New 20-krone coin with the Hjejlen

The paddle steamer Hjejlen is the motif on the 10th ship coin

Dato: 07-06-2011

New 1000-krone banknote

New and old 1000-krone banknotes for collectors

Dato: 19-05-2011

New 20-krone coin with Emma Mærsk

The container vessel Emma Mærsk is the motif on the ninth ship coin.

Dato: 17-03-2011

New 10-krone and 20-krone coins

Special editions of new 10-krone and 20-krone coins.

Dato: 10-02-2011

New 500-krone banknote

New and old 500-krone banknotes for collectors

Dato: 10-02-2011

2011 Coin Set for Children

New Coin Set for Children 2011 – available from 11 January 2011.

Dato: 06-01-2011

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